Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Mid-March Pool Party!

Last week the temperatures started rising and we thought... let's welcome summer back by having a "mini-pool party". Yes, Sadie's bathtub ducky doubles as a pool and she LOVED IT! We took it out on our balcony and we know she was thinking... "Bathtime??? YAY!!" NanNan brought her a bathing suit to enjoy days like this. (THANKS, cousin Caitlyn!!)I guess there are some perks for having 100+ temperatures in the middle of March... Welcome back summer... you weren't gone very long!

The lazy days of summer!!

Sadie Mac was having such a good time and when Stephen took her out, she kinda screamed (not mad... but just in a funny way) And I got them with the same faces.

This pool party is over!


heathernafrica said...

I'm guessing that after she got wet in the pool and then played in the dirt on the balcony it was time for a real bath time!! How come you never had any pool parties when I was around??

Pwood said...

I am thinking we are going to have to get Eli a pool as well!! Sadie is looking way cute in her swimsuit!