Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Making Friends

Last week we went on a visit to see some friends and Sadie Mac was the highlight for all. She was greeting everyone and playing with the other children and having a wonderful time. She was quite the little social butterfly. First, we were served water, which is custom. Everyone always brings water to their guests. Then we had coke, and coffee. Then, after that we enjoyed a meal together with water... only drinking AFTER the meal (also custom.) As the visit went on, we also enjoyed tea with milk together. We laugh at the fact it is 100+ temps and they LOVE coffee and hot tea!

We enjoyed the visit and all the while, Sadie Mac is having her a wonderful time. But, toward the end... her social hour(s) were finished. She had enough of being passed around (as you can see below). She was ready for mommy and daddy... and a NAP!

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