Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Leisure Days

Here are some pictures of what we do on our leisure days. On days off we like to do a variety of things. One of Stephen's favorites, is playing golf at a course not too far outside of town.

Some days we have to stay around the house. Some days the sun is too hot to be out or some days there is just too much going on. On those days, we watch movies, play the wii, or my personal favorite, plant flowers!!
It's really funny that Sadie Mac is now crawling on her belly. She loves going any and everywhere... especially out on the balcony. When I'm out there with my flowers, she always finds me. As she crawls to me she typically spills my drink, gets into one I am planting and wants to play in the dirt. As you can see from the pic below... she has a trail of terror!

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