Saturday, July 18, 2009

Italy... Milan & Venice

After leaving Switzerland, we drove to through the Alps and our first stop in Italy was Milan. We arrived and were tired, but before we turned in, we went to see the Duomo which is a massive cathedral. It was beautiful. Lots of people and our first tastes of real Italian food... yummy!

Riding on daddy's shoulders through the streets of Italy!

From there we made the trek to Venice or "Venezia"!! Since I was a little girl I have wanted to see the city with the streets of water! And it truly was amazing. We did a lot of walking and had Sadie Mac's stroller, but if you plan on visiting.. it's not exactly what I'd call stroller friendly! Because the streets are made of water, there are plenty of bridges with stairs! But, no complaining here... we were in Venice! We enjoyed a family gondola ride (a smidge less romatic with a one year old trying to climb out of the boat!!) but none the less... it was a great experience! Our gondola driver told us where Mozart stayed and the theatre house that Shakespeare wrote for. The food was delicious and our hotel was great! We were right off of the main canal and loved every part of it. This was for sure our favorite city in Italy.

Every time we went into a church to look at the art Sadie Mac would notice her echo and want to be all the more chatty... so we would have to plug it with her passie! :-)

The view from our gondola

View from the Accademia Bridge on the Grand Canal

Public transport known as the water bus


ronandwhit said...

I LOVE your new picture at the top! She is adorable. Thanks for sharing your pictures. I've always wanted to visit Italy. Thinking about you guys!

Krista said...

Hey you guys!! We are super excited about seeing you in a couple months. What an awesome vacation. But, the best of all are the pictures from Switzerland. Seriously?! Every single one of them looks like a postcard. Wow! See you soon!