Saturday, July 25, 2009


I thought my parental nerves weren't supose to be shot until the teen years! I have a wild child little girl on my hands. (Even as I write this from our laptop, I'm going from room to room following her!) She has barely started walking and is a little too brave for me! She is an excellent climber and loves to throw one leg up on anything to get up, in something, or out of it. She is always doing it when she is in the bathroom wanting to get into the tub... and when she's in it, she throws her leg up to get out of it. This is where her little shinner came from, the bath tub and being a little too adventurous! I feel like I am waiting for her to start swinging from the ceiling fans or something and we can call her Tarazana! Earlier this week we noticed she has learned to use the foot stools we have to get up on the chairs on our porch. Today, I put her down and walked inside to get my water and when I came back, she was standing up in the chair!! Talk about scary!!! We can't let her out of our sights!!

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