Tuesday, July 14, 2009


When you hear someone say that all of Switzerland is a postcard... it's true. We were overwhelmed with the beauty of God's creation and so blessed to be able to do all we did in the past two weeks. Our first week, we spent in Wilderwil, Switzerland which is near Interlaken. We were there with several friends we work with and enjoyed fellowship with friends from the States. While we were there, we did lots of different things including a boat cruise and picnic, hiking, getting to see Jung Frau: the "Top of Europe", and of course, lots of looking and "wow-ing". It was a true blessing and we are so thankful for the blessing it was! We have tons of pictures, but here are a few of our favorites...

We went on a boat cruise and were amazed again at the beauty of Switzerland.

This is the area where the boat cruise stopped and we had our picnic. Also the place I plan to retire!!

We were able to experience a Swiss Cultural night with "Ricola" pipes and everything! It was so cool.

An early morning hike the three of us enjoyed.

There are no words.

I promise, we were not photo-shopped into this picture!

One of the "post card" moments as we came down from the mountain. Do you call the Alps a mere "mountain"?

.... More to come!!!!

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Pwood said...

Where do we sign up? We are totally sold on Switzerland!