Friday, April 23, 2010

Ready for fun in the Sun!

Somebody has been ready for summer for a while! Last week, Sadie Mac kept finding her bathing suit in her closet and insisted on putting it on for about a week or so. That weekend, we decided to see how cool the water was and how warm the sand and sun could keep us. We headed down to one of the local beaches with a picnic in hand and enjoyed the day in the sun. The weather was beautiful and the water was a little chilly, but not too cold for her and Stephen. She would dip her feet in at first, but when Stephen decided to go in... she wanted to go too. He held her in the water and after a few minutes her little teeth were chattering. But when we tried to take her out she would just cry out, "NO!!!" I have a little water bug on my hands... We built sand castles, slid down the sand banks, and of course enjoyed the water... on and off.

Picnic over... let's hit the waves!

Me and Daddy...

The struggling little legs to get out of the water and not get pulled down by the sand!

Cheetos and sand toys... what else does a girl need?


Mary Mac said...

that is so cute! what beautiful eyes!!!!

Brittany said...

How precious! She is so cute!