Thursday, April 8, 2010

Spring has Sprung!

We are loving this nice, warm weather... warm is relative to where you live. When we are in the sandbox and say "warm"... we are joking. It's always HOT there. But life here along the coast, the warm weather is wonderful. It's low-mid 80's and we are loving the breeze from the Med. There is a beautiful park a few miles from our house so we like to go often to enjoy the greenery along with the sea. Last week we went walking and enjoyed time together, as well as the "paparazzi" of nationals who are always wanting to take Sadie Mac's picture. Because of her blue eyes and blonde hair... everyone is her fan. They are all so welcoming and say, "Welcome to Eg." and usually ask our names. This is the extent of their English. But none the less, most days it's fun and Sadie doesn't always mind the attention. The picture above is two ladies who are taking Sadie Mac's picture with their camera phone, a very common occurrence!

This was a group that was being made to "leave the foreigners alone"... from one of the men who worked at the park.

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