Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Day Out With Thomas the Train!!

We woke up this morning and surprised this little daddy's girl with a date-day out with her daddy going to see Thomas the Train!! She was super excited upon arrival!! I went to our nephews graduation and got a text shortly after I arrived saying, "We're in and lovin' it!" I then texted back to Stephen saying, "Soak it up... these days won't last forever" And enjoy each other they sure did!!! As soon as they got back to the house Sadie Mac was filling me in with stories of what all they did and saw and how much fun they had!! So sweet and such a fun memory.
Hope you enjoy these fun pics of their date day together!!

Famous Tweetsie RailRoad sign...

Sadie Mac on the carousel

Going on the airplane ride

Ready with the miners hat to go into the mouse cave!!

Thomas goes through the mountains...

Little trooper on the train...

Coming out of the TeePee...

Huge Thomas Jumper that she LOVED!!

Riding the Horses

Locked in the jailhouse!!

**Special thanks to Stephen for taking all these pictures. I was sad I missed out on it, but was thankful he would do it so I (and especially the grandmothers) could enjoy all these pics! He hates it... but did it for me/us!

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Habiba Sanjak said...

wow she so big now
miss you so much