Wednesday, June 15, 2011

7 months and "Crolling"

Well, our little man is 7 months old now... where has the time gone?? He is doing so much now and we just feel so blessed that he's ours! He's so fun and getting quite the personality. Finally, he's really giving mama some good sleep at night, eating baby food, and actually trying to crawl. I call it "crolling" because it's a crawl-roll.
He pulls himself up and trys to get his little backside up. Well sadly, he seems to miss every time... ending up rolling over. He rolls back over onto his tummy and tries again. It's quite humorous to watch. I sure do love this little guy. This is the conversation I feel like he's giving me as he moves around quite easily... all over the floor.

"Ok Mom... I'm ready... lets crawl...

Oh no... no, no... tipping... tipping here!

And rolling... crash!

Where did I go wrong???...

That was fun... I guess I gotta pick myself up and... lets try again!"


Pwood said...

I love this little guy!!! Noah is getting so big and so handsome!! I love his "and rolling.. crash" picture, his eyes are just beautiful!!! Miss you guys!!

Habiba Sanjak said...

so cute ,look so nice Allah bless him ^_^