Tuesday, June 14, 2011

His Perfect Timing

Recently we found out that we are going to be delayed longer on our move to France and that was quite disappointing to us. We LOVE being here with family and friends and are thankful for the time with them. It is a blessing, truly. Sadie Mac and Noah are soaking up each day... as are we with the beautiful weather and all. But, when you know you are ready to move on... have planned on it... counted on it... anticipated it... our hearts are a wee bit tired of the waiting... because we are ready to move on to this next adventure.
Some dear friends of mine gave me this book recently and I'm so thankful they did. Sarah Young is the author of this devotional book, "Jesus Calling" and God has an amazing way of using it to speak to me. If you don't have it, I highly recommend it!
(Thank you Sarah Young for letting God use you to speak to me... and so many others)
This week, the Lord again used this book to speak to me on the day of June 10.

Devotional for that day:
"REST IN ME, MY CHILD. Give your mind a break from planning and trying to anticipate what will happen. PRAY CONTINUALLY, asking My Spirit to take charge of the details of this day. Remember that you are on a journey with ME. When you try to peer into the future and plan for every possibility, you ignore your constant Companion who sustains you moment by moment. As you gaze anxiously into the distance, you don't even feel the strong grip of My hand holding yours. How foolish are you, My child!
Remembrance of Me is a daily discipline. Never lose sight of My Presence with you. This will keep you resting in Me all day, every day. (1 Thessalonians 5:17, Psalm 62:5)"


Pwood said...

Sorry to hear you have been delayed again! Praying for peace for your hearts at this time and a continued growth time as you learn His will!

The Hawkins said...

Love it! And needed that bit of encouragement. Ben is definately showing his 2 year old colors and I have moments where I am totally overwhelmed good reminder that Ben is in His hands and I need to just rest in that and be faithful to rest in our Father as well! Thanks!

Brittany said...

I love Jesus Calling! Such an encouragement!