Monday, November 19, 2012

We Miss You Already NanNan!!!

We just had a wonderful 10 days with my mom and it was really, REALLY hard to see her go. She blessed our socks off by bringing us TWO SUITCASES, filled to the brim of stuff... JUST FOR US, while she lived out of her carry on. What a mom, right?!?! Our hearts and bellies are filled with pepperoni, coffee creamer, beef jerkey, nutter butters, GRITS, spices, clothes for the kiddos and lots of other wonderful treats from home...

We had a blast too... we did some site seeing... but there was a lot more just "being" together. We did the fun Eiffel Tower and Notre Dame... we did Verseilles and the other "big sites" around Paris. Here are some pics from the "doing"...

View of the city

Sacre Coeur (The Church of the Sacred Heart) in the back

Artist Row  and a little pic she bought with the artist..

Notre Dame

Playing at a park near Notre Dame

 Starbucks on the Champs Elysees!

 The Arc de Triumph

Big City Bus Tour (with my mischievous daughter!)

But here are some of my favorite parts and pics... the just "being"

Sweet memories reading

At a park

We love you NanNan...
Thank you so much for coming!!!!!

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