Thursday, June 28, 2012

End of Year Field Trip

Well, it's the end of a long year for us and Sadie. She has been so brave going to a new school, in a new country, speaking a new language, making new friends. We've had our ups and downs, but I truly praise the Lord for His grace and strength for Sadie and the rest of us. He is faithful and 
has carried us through. 

Her class went on an end of year field trip near the town of Beaufort. It's in the mountains about 45 minutes from our town. I was so excited to get to go as I have heard this area is beautiful. Sadie and I packed our picnic lunch, sunscreen, hats and headed out for a beautiful day! 

Here are some of the sights... 

Sadie and her two best friends in the class. 

We went to a dam and walked around the lake... this is a pic from the dam.

Sadie and her two friends, being silly

At the beginning of the hike... a class photo. 
(Sadie Mac is on the right side near her teacher)

Yes... it was amazing and beautiful.

Looking over a bridge at a waterfall...

A swinging bridge over a lake...

Some scenery...

Time for lunch!! 
An apple and peanut butter, her favorite!

Picnic with a view!!!

And a little play time with friends afterwards...

I had a great time watching Sadie and her friends. I was amazed at how much french she is speaking. Her accent is... well, so much better than mine!!! I'm thankful for how well she is doing and praise God for His grace in the closure of this year! We've survived our first year of French school(s)!!! 
Thanks for joining us in the journey! 

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Rachel said...

Ok, where do I sign up to be the next helper for a field trip? I want to come ! This is beautiful! Such a fun day for Sadie and for you Amanda, such a sweet time together! Way to go all of you on your French!