Monday, June 25, 2012

Home Cookin' from Morocco!!!

I'm going to be a world class cook by the time I move back to the US with all the different types of cooking I'm learning! I'm so thankful for my sweet Moroccan neighbor who has children the same age as ours and is willing to help me practice french and share life with me. Once, she made me some amazing little desserts and so I asked her if she would teach me. With a little bit of hesitation, she agreed. After we made them, I understood her hesitation. It's a lot of work... but they are worth it! 

Almonds, "Scent of Rose", Powdered Sugar, Butter, Cinnamon... all mashed together into little finger-like shapes. 

Cut the "spring roll type"wrap into the right size...
 And wrap...

 This is my friend's daughter learning... she's 5.

This is her other daughter who is almost 3... watching and wanting to be learn... I love that it's a family affair!

Pre-finished product!

Fry and dip in a honey-syrup!! (sorry, a little blurry... but still sooo yummy!!!)

Oh my, I love these things!!! I ended up taking a large dish of them to our graduation on Friday night and they were all gone by the end of it!!! I love learning to cook, sharing life, and enjoying other tastes from other's homes!!!

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