Monday, November 5, 2012

Les Couleurs d'Automne

This morning the sun was (kinda) peeking through the gray so we thought we needed to take advantage and enjoy a small walk together before Stephen headed out to work. I'm so glad we did. We headed out with bread in hand knowing our ducks, geese, and pigeons would be waiting! Here are some of our pics from the day...
 Noah was a bit hesitant...
 Times like this I really miss Boone, but I'm thankful for today  and the beauty we enjoyed.

 Little Ol' Lady Sadie was too cold to get out of her stroller at first... but really liked feeding the birds
 Our Noah... twins with his cousin Titus. 

 At the playground near the lake... lots of fun today!

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Rachel said...

I want to come walk with you guys!!!