Saturday, November 3, 2012

The Eid with friends...

After living in North Africa for a few years, you fall in love with the people, their food, culture, and some of their customs. I was told the Eid for Muslims is like Christmas for the Christian. It is a time for family, giving, sharing, and being together. We celebrated the Eid in both Egypt and Sudan and so it's fun to now have the experience with some North African friends here in France. For the Eid, Muslims celebrate when Abraham went to sacrifice his son and God provided the ram in place of his son. 

So, we had a few invitations from friends and neighbors who we have met here and were able to join in the celebration. We, as Christians celebrate God's provision of a sacrifice too, but believe this sacrifice was in Jesus. Here are some of the pics of the fun we shared with our friends...

This is  Sadie and her friend from school...

Kids... they ALL love cartoons!
While my friend and I prepared the food, the kids were very entertained.

Here is one of the meals we enjoyed. Our Algerian friends served us Cous Cous, lamb, vegetables, fruit, and amazing desserts! 

At our Moroccan's friends house... this was hanging up right by the door. (Sadie was a little scared of it, and I completely understand!... very different for a 4 year old!) This is the lamb they had sacrificed the day before the Eid. 

The kids had a great time playing together. Sadie likes being the only girl because she always gets to be the princess! 

This is my precious friend and her 3 month old daughter. 

This is her husband, a friend of Stephen's. We felt so special that they invited us to share this special time with their family. 

One of the best things about living overseas is learning all the different cultures and customs from around the world! What a precious gift we are getting to live out!

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