Monday, September 23, 2013

My Own Little "Madeline"... in Paris!

Remember her? The cute little girl named Madeline in all the books...
 at the Louvre Museum?!? 

And how she went with her class on a "Sortie" aka, in English "Field Trip"...

Well, I have my own little one... she's cute... and she's...
making her own little drawings at the big museum. 

With her class learning... 
(far back of pic beside lady in red shirt)
This is the lady explaining different paintings. 

And here they are walking around and seeing different masterpieces
She even got to see the Mona Lisa!

This is Little Miss "I won't smile for your picture"...  
out in front of the glass pyramid, the entrance! 

And here she is with her buddy Khawla, on a picnic on the grounds!!! 

What a fun little life she is having! 
Fun adventures around every corner! 

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