Friday, February 20, 2009

The Nursery

We've been back a few weeks and finally have all the trunks that my mom brought us unpacked. In them, my very talented mother made all of Sadie Mac's nursery attire! :-) My mom, sisters and a few of their friends all pitched in so Sadie could have a "pottery barn kids" kinda place to rest her head! They did valances to match a diaper stacker and quilt wall hanging. As you can see from the pic, Sadie loves it all! Before we knew if she was a boy or girl we decided to go with an animal theme... and why not African animals?!? It's crazy that she is almost 7 months old, and is now doing the "inch worm/army man" crawl on her belly all around the floor and has 2 teeth! Time sure does fly by with little ones!
It's starting to heat up here again in the sandbox. Last week (mid-Feb, may I remind you!!) it was already hitting the 100 mark! UGH! It's dusty and dirty, but it's all about the adventure. Thanks for joining us on it!


Pwood said...

I love Sadie's room! Way to go mom and sisters! Eli says to tell Sadie hi and that he can't wait to see her again! And great job Sadie on the inch worm/army crawl!! Eli is a bit of a handful these days as he wants to pull up and stand on everything... he has hit his head so many times...oops!

Mary Mac said...

that is so cute! your mom definitely is skilled. I feel like I could dive right into sadie mac's eyes! she is so beautiful!