Monday, February 2, 2009

To My Favorite Auntie Avee

Dear Auntie Avee,
I wanted to write and tell you how much I love you and what a wonderful time I had with you. You are so special and you helped me so much. You helped feed me and change my diaper. I loved it when you would take me on walks in my stroller. I just don't know which of those times it was that I gave you my chicken pox. When NanNan emailed today and told me you now have them, I was very sad. I hope you can forgive me for passing them on to you. I will tell you what they told me... DON'T SCRATCH! Well, I love you wanted you to know and you are the bestest Auntie I know and have met!! Don't worry, as you can see from my picture... the spots get better and slowly go away! Mommy, Daddy and I are all praying for you and that you heal soon. WE LOVE YOU!!!

Sadie Mac