Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Playing Hard to Get

We are back home, but not until Sadie Mac finally got to meet her Prince Eli. Before we headed home we got to see our friends and their little boy who was born the same day she was born. As you can see, even with Sadie having chicken pox from head to toe... there were sparks! Eli for sure is a kisser and we were afraid after his kissing on her, he would get them... but thankfully it didn't happen. Sadie Mac was a little embarrassed that her dad was there so she played hard to get! (Smart girl!) We loved spending time with all three of them!

Pic from Jordan: Sadie Mac's first experience with cold weather... bundled up next to daddy! This was also the first time she had to wear socks or any kind of long sleeves. I could tell when we put on her jacket getting off of the plane in Jordan she was thinking, "What is this mom?"

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