Thursday, February 26, 2009

Allergic to VEGETABLES!

We've started solids. She LOVES rice cereal. I was excited to make my own baby food, feeling all domestic and what not! So, first we tried peas... uh, no thank you! Back to rice cereal.
Last night we tried carrots... again, NO WAY mama! She is so funny about it. She seems eager and when the food gets into her mouth she starts gagging and twitching. I think Sadie Mac is pretending to be allergic or something! Maybe we will throw veggies out the window for a little while and go to fruits! But this girl loves rice cereal!

(the actual gagging!!)

It was a food fight... and I lost!

"Hmmm.... this looks interesting. Green? Let's give it a whirl!"

"Are they serious? This is disgusting!"

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Pwood said...

Hey.... we understand completely! Eli loves rice cereal too.... but hasn't enjoyed the fruits or veggies that I have made for him. So.... here are two options that have seemed to work the last few times. First: feed Sadie a little bit of rice cereal first, after she realizes she is eating something she likes... mix in something else with the rice cereal and feed it to her! It worked for Eli and he ate all of it! Or buy the stuff from the stores... we finally gave in and bought some jars from the store and he really liked it. Now we will go back and forth! Hope that helps!