Sunday, August 9, 2009

3 Things...

Restaurants we miss:
1. Pizza Inn (Rockingham)
2. Back Yard Burgers (Boone)
3. Chick-fil-A (anywhere!!)

Restaurants we enjoy here:
1. Panda Chinese
2. Ozone (sandwhich place)
3. "the nice" Lebanese place (can't ever remember it's name!)

Places we miss shopping:
1. Target
2. Old Navy
3. Lowe's Hardware

Places we enjoy shopping here:
1. Used Furniture Market....... well, there just aren't that many places to shop.

Things we'd import:
1. A boat
2. TONS and TONS of grass
3. Grandparents

Things we'd export:
1. Plastic bags
2. Dust
3. Flies (we would also export these from Ellerbe!)

Things that make us laugh about life here:
1. Traffic cops in the middle of a jammed intersection
2. Sadie and her love for playing in the dust/dirt
3. The locals faces when we are using our "new arabic words".

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