Wednesday, August 26, 2009

And the rains came!!

This past week we have experienced lots of rain. On Sunday night we had a huge storm and it knocked out our power. Thankfully we have a generator, but sadly the water pump that runs water up to our tank on the roof is not connected to our generator. Needless to say we quickly ran out of water and had to bring a few buckets in from the street. This morning we woke up to more rain. Because it's so hot, the rain is a wonderful refresher... but there is a huge mess and lots of people's homes have problems from a heavy rain like this... so it's a mixed blessing. The sandbox doesn't have any sort of draining system so the roads just become lakes. People have to wade through the water and cars send water everywhere... it's a mess! The water in the house is also muddy for a few days so we have to think twice before bathing! :-) But, the good thing is when you live somewhere as hot as we do... the heat drys out the streets in a few days (we hope!)

Wading in the water

Water, water... everywhere!

Our landlord's garden... under water!

This is Stephen scooping up water from the street so we could at least flush the toilet!

No... our faucets do not produce chocolate milk.

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Pwood said...

You guys are amazing! I just love the awesome attitudes that you have in such a difficult time, I think your people see that! We are thinking about you daily!