Sunday, August 16, 2009

Made My Day!

Small things around here mean a lot! Like the other day when Stephen brought me home a watering tin and gardening tools for my flowers! It was just a random day, but something he knew I would like. I had been using a bucket and cup... but had wanted one of these for a while. It made my day! Now I no longer have to use my kitchen spoons, but I have actual garden tools!

Also, we have a new grocery store near us!! Stephen was laughing at me when I was going through and would say, "LOOK at THIS!!" over something as simple as Pringles or peanut butter and jelly in a jar together! Now that my friend... is a rare find!! Stephen was most excited and his day was made when we saw Mt. Dew in both a can AND a glass bottle! Don't laugh, but it's the small things like watering tins and Mt. Dew that keep us excited around here! :-)

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heathernafrica said...

Pleeeease take me to this new store this weekend!!!