Thursday, August 20, 2009

A Recent Visit

This week we went to visit a friend who is not from the sandbox, but from a neighboring country. She is so sweet and lives with her sister and nephew. In their homeland, they have a tradition called the "Coffee Ceremony. " During the ceremony, you enjoy 3-4 cups of coffee that are shot size. They roast the beans in front of you you and burn incense and enjoy a good time chatting. Except when asked if we wanted milk or not (and of course we do!!), it made even more coffee so we actually had 6 (!!!) shot-sized cups of coffee. Each time, she would re-heat the coffee and the milk and it added about a tablespoon size of sugar... just like we like it: coffee like a candy bar!! We had a wonderful time and Sadie Mac made a new friend. When we first arrived he was sleeping in the room with us and slept through all her babbling and noises. When he woke up, we know he was a little overwhelmed by the little foreign girl running around. You can see the shock (or annoyance) on his face in the picture below. :-)

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