Saturday, January 9, 2010

Traffic Jam

It's not uncommon in our part of the world to blow the horn of your car... for anything. And, well being from the American south and all, we always show our southern hospitality and wait for you to go, pass, or move in your own sweet time. We might complain behind your back while we wait... but we'd have a smile on our face the entire time.
In this part of the world, we've learned it can be a means of courtesy to let you know "they are coming"... and I'm not sure why else I get honked at... but it seems to be a daily occurrence. We also live on the 2nd floor where we are more apt to hearing horns on the street below our balcony. A few days ago we heard horns out our balcony doors that were seeming to last longer and louder than normal. I went out and had to grab my camera for this picture!! You gotta LOVE the horse causing the traffic jam on our street. He was jack-knifed into a parking space and the approaching cars wanted him to move... The guy in the bottom got really tired of waiting and moved the horse so the others could pass! Oh wow... what a culture!

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