Thursday, January 28, 2010

A Very Merry Un-Birthday!!!

Today Sadie Mac is celebrating her 1/2 birthday as she is now 1 and a half years old! A whole 18 months... and still growing! To celebrate her precious little life, we decided to have an adventurous outing! We headed down to the mall and let her play at "Fun City" and let her ride a little coin ride. We put her in the little car and she started playing with the steering wheel... in a few seconds it started going... just a little movement and she was not a fan! She wanted to get off and was trying to grab at Stephen's arms to pick her up. He picked her up in it and then I tried to be right beside her while she rode. Needless to say, with the look on her face, we're not going to call her a "thrill seeker" just yet! A VERY merry unbirthday to our little princess!!! WE LOVE YOU!


Pwood said...

I am telling you these two are meant to be... Eli does not like the machines either. That is when they are moving. He will sit in them all day, do the steering wheel, make "beep beep" noises, but when we put the money in... he does everything to get out! Ha ha kids are so much fun!

Brittany said...

aww poor baby! You have to find out somehow :) Hope yall are doing good. Talking to Dad for you! Lots of love!