Friday, January 1, 2010

World's Greatest Friends!

We undoubtedly have the World's Greatest Friends! When we were living in NC we had some friends who, whenever we got together we always had Mexican night... we loved tacos, fajitas, nacho cheese dip, refried beans... the works! When we did it... we went all out! Well, about a week ago, we received "Mexican Night in a box"!!! Our wonderful friends mailed us all the goodies and some random other fun favorites, so we could have it all while we are far, far from home! We love you guys and are sooo thankful!!! Sadie Mac loved the chicken tacos we made... as you can see! She even pitched a fit when Stephen took it back to eat after he shared with her! (Of course, he gave her more... but didn't want to!!)

All smiles for Mexican Night!!

Some other friends were living here with us and sadly had to move right before Thanksgiving. We were excited for them, but sad for us! While they were here, they let us take pics of Sadie in their daughters tutu and she loved it! Well, right after we received the Mexican Night in a box... our friends mailed our little princess her very own tutu! They said they saw it and thought of her... and knew she needed her very own! It was so precious and she has loved it... and wants to wear it all the time!! For Stephen and I... mint M&M's!!! Tasty!!! Thanks to you all too... love you all and miss you tons!

Little Missy in her very own tutu!

This is Sadie Mac proclaiming (in a deep-drawn sweet southern voice:) I (!!!) mama am the Princess... I have the tutu!


mcroy25 said...

just for clarification, we are the world's greatest friends and not the tutu givers, right?

Rachel Lynn said...

Awww Sadie looks so adorable! I can't wait until I get to see her in person!!!! =) Love you guys!