Thursday, April 21, 2011

Little Helpers

Earlier this week NanNan had some things for us to do around the house, one of which staining some paneling. Sadie Mac was beside herself to HELP with the staining so, NanNan came up with a good plan. She stained a board with a paint brush and some water. She LOVED it!! She is a big fan of anything she can do to be with Daddy... I'm not sure who is wrapped around whose finger?!?

Noah was helping NanNan... just by being there

Easter Helpers...
Sadie Mac and I decided to make some fun Easter egg cupcakes for some friends. I'm wanting to be more crafty and creative, so I found this idea in a magazine and feel like they turned out pretty well. Sadie Mac's favorite part, was of course helping me clean the bowl!

Noah helped by staying happy in his jumper seat... His little legs won't reach the ground so we have a box and book under him to stand on! (Thanks Aunt Heather for letting us borrow it!)

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