Thursday, April 14, 2011

Our New Best Friend

The Rhyne family is on the move... on our way to a land where we will be speaking French!! It's true... sad and exciting all in the same breath. Here is a little bit of the "why"?
We found out at Noah's two month check up that he has hypothyroidism, which means he doesn't make enough thyroid hormone. This condition is quite serious in little babies and he has to be closely monitored until he's three. Due to the importance of his monitoring, we can no longer live in the sandbox. (The sad part) However, we love what we do and living overseas is a true adventure for our family so we continued to look for jobs, and found one in Paris!! (Hence, the exciting part).
As soon as we found out we would be moving to France (hopefully in the coming month or so, depending on how fast we can get a visa), we will be on our way. So, until then... we are practicing our new language. Even Sadie Mac likes to use the little headset!! Parlez vous francais?


Susan said...

yayayayaya! Paris happens to be one of my favorite cities in the world! Now I can do two wonderful things at once...see you and see Paris. Praying the transition goes you!

Pwood said...

Awesome! Paris.... never been there, but now that we will have some friends there, might be time for a visit! Good luck with the language!!! Love the picture of Sadie, she is going to know so many languages!!!

Anonymous said...

Je voudrais a visiter vous!
Inshallah, of course.