Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Toddler Toes... and MORE!

Sadie is loving having almost daily pedicures and manicures. She now not only wants to receive them, but wants to give them. And what kind of mom would I be if I didn't let my little girl paint my finger nails and toe nails?!? (But, to be honest, the finger nails I always do a very LIGHT color!!) Here are my beautifully done toe nails!!

This past weekend, Noah and I went down to sunny south Florida to see a good friend of mine from college. We had a great time and had a nice break from the cold and snow that Stephen said we had while I was away! We played in the beach and the pool and little guy loved his "auntie" Jill. Fun in the sun for sure! (or shade for Noah!)

Grandmommie had a big birthday a few weeks ago and the whole gang came into town. Here is the birthday girl with all 8 of her grandchildren!

We have recently started giving Noah rice cereal in hopes this will fill his belly a little more to give mommy some more sleep at night. (Here is crossing my fingers to that one!) Can't believe he's growing so fast!

Here is our growing boy... 4 months! (a few weeks ago!)

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