Saturday, April 16, 2011

Tiaras and Tea Parties

I LOVE being a mom. I can't just leave it at that though, I love being a mom to Sadie Mac (and Noah of course.) Sadie Mac is so funny and full of life. Her imagination and "drama" make me laugh, cry, scream, and bring me more joy than I ever thought I could know. I love that girl.

Today, while Stephen was working on French, I was trying to put Noah down to sleep and I had asked her to play quietly in her room, by herself (which she hates). I told her I would play with her after Noah was asleep. She kept coming to me, yelling for me, doing everything I had asked her NOT to do. Alas, we had to have a mother/daughter "talk". After a few tears on her part and having to play in her room for a while on her own, I decided to fix us a surprise tea party.
First, I went into her room and had her dress up... and she dressed me in her tutu, on my head... while she was all decked out with a purple crown, down to the glittery shoes on her toes! We enjoyed our tea party, full with "tea", fruit, and cookies. I am so thankful for that gift. As many moms can relate (and I'm sure my own can too...) as frustrated in one moment as I can be at her... I love her that much more in the next.

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