Tuesday, December 27, 2011

An Italian Christmas

Being away from family during the holidays can be hard. Skype and pictures on Facebook can be great... but it can also remind you how far far away we really are. We have some friends who we have known since before we were married. We were there the day they had their first child and have walked through life many transitions together... through the good and hard.

Well, we're blessed that God has placed these friends just two hours away from us... in Italy. We feel like they are our family-away-from-family. We all understand what it's like to like to live in 4 different countries in 3 years... what it's like to have babies where they don't speak English... the joys and trials of living overseas... (even if it is in France or Italy)... and we're thankful we can be so close.
They live in Torino (Turin) Italy and so we were able to see some sights in their town one day.

Sadie Mac running from Micah in one of the town squares
A large art stage in the center of town with Christmas decorations and a large nativity
Our 5 kiddos in front of the nativity
Stephen counting with the kids the metro stops until "ours"

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