Saturday, December 10, 2011

Père Noël!!!

I LOVE the Christmas season!! So thankful for it's meaning and love all the festivities that go on! This week we received a flyer from Sadie Mac's school that there was going to be a "small festival" at a park that is near our house. We had gone to a friend's house for a play date and all decided to go find the festival. (So thankful for these friends whose little girl and Sadie play great together and the mom helps me learn French. We talk in French, but when I don't know a word, she has enough English to help me!! What a blessing!)
Anyway... we go to the park and nothing is there! We saw some red tape that was up, with some balloons, but no people and no festival in sight. So, we just decided to let the girls play for a little while when out from around the corner comes Santa! Sadie and her friend both start screaming (with excitement): "Père Noël!!! Père Noël!!!!" My heart was happy because on her own, Sadie was speaking French... and it was with a friend! So precious. So we found a small little festival behind a building that is beside the park! We had a great time and heard some Christmas music by an old time music box... wind up kind, and got to take a ride with a donkey drawn sleigh (? maybe that is how the story goes here in France! ;-)!) Great day. Very thankful for time with friends and for a ride with Père Noël!

My sweet friend, her daughter, and Sadie Mac... waiting for the sleigh ride!

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