Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Hot 'Lanta!!!

We headed down to Atlanta to work on getting our visas for France. We live in the mountains of NC where the weather is what you'd call "really nice"... not too hot, not too cold... "just right" as Goldie Locks would say. Well, we learned they don't call Atlanta, "HOT 'Lanta" for nothing!! It was quite warm while we were there. Our hotel was right near Centennial Park so we enjoyed seeing that area. They even had a couple of little tot lot parks right around there so Sadie Mac had a ball!

Since it's a good little drive, we thought we'd enjoy at least one tourist stop, so we went to the World of Coca Cola!! We all had a great time and even enjoyed seeing the BIG Polar Bear and got a pic with him. Noah wasn't that impressed as he slept through the meeting! We also got to see a 4-D movie and Sadie Mac LOVED it! She enjoyed meeting a statue of the Coke Man too! Thankful for a fun little family adventure before we head back overseas!!

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Habiba Sanjak said...

wow you all look adorable
miss you ^_^