Friday, July 22, 2011

It's Birthday Week!!!!

In our family, we don't just get a birthday day... we get a BIRTHDAY WEEK!! I mean, why just get a day to celebrate?!? Sadie Mac will be 3 in a week (which I can't believe!) and we have had some struggles with her understanding when her birthday was. You see, Stephen's birthday was May 18th and we told her, that she was next to celebrate... (in OUR IMMEDIATE FAMILY). But, what she doesn't understand is that cousins, aunts, and Father's day were all reasons to celebrate too... she has been waiting and waiting!! So, we decided to make a birthday chain!!! We rip one down every night! And boy is she excited! We started it at the beginning of July and "birthday week rings" have special jewels and feathers, glitter and stickers! Here are our supplies...

And here are 3 rings for birthday week!!!! (This was the start of the chain!)

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Pwood said...

Our babies are turning 3....what?!?!?