Wednesday, July 27, 2011

My Little Crafty Girl

I have a little crafty one on my hands. Every day she is wanting to do arts and crafts. On a daily basis I get the question, "Mom, can we do a project?" It makes me smile and also is making me learn to be super creative. I'm learning from lots of other blogs... THANK YOU OTHER MOMS WHO HAVE GONE BEFORE ME (and blog about it!!!)*** I'm working on new ideas, especially for the plane ride to France (8 some odd hours!)
We have also been working on spelling her name. She gets super excited when she sees "S" because she KNOWS that one!! She has actually gotten to where she can recognize each letter (usually!) We had fun working on each of the letter... using painting, stickers, feathers, and learning other words that start with that letter! What an adventurer... What a joy. This is her jumping and throwing a feather because she knew all the letters!!!

And this is my Noah. I just think he's super cute and wanted to show him off...

***To Other Mom's who look at my blog... here are some of my favorite crafty blogs:
... and others.

If you know of a good one, PLEASE leave it for me as a comment!!! Blessings and happy toddler mom-ing!


Son of Adam said...

Love it! Sadie sounds alot like Nora. I think she could color forever. Noah is precious. Love you guys! --Ben

Pwood said...

Amanda!!!! You are so crafty....and must have lots of patience!!! I need to start doing this stuff with Eli... thanks for the encouragement....but it may look a little different with a boy!! Oh boy!!