Friday, July 22, 2011

Oh Brother....!!!

So we were taking pics the other day of "Big Sister" and "Little Brother" in their tshirts having lots of fun with that. Sadie Mac is not enjoying taking pics right now, so I basically have to bribe her. Well, in the midst of taking the pics, we were laying down on the ground and I feel like I can see a conversation in these pics between the two of them.... what do you think??...

Noah... "Sadie Mac, I'm going to get you... (makes baby growl sound)... here I come."
Sadie Mac thinking, "Really little brother, is that all you got?"....

Sadie Mac, "(BIG SISTER GROWL) I'm gunna get you... ROAR...!!!!! This brother is how you "get someone"!!!
Noah, (all laughs)!!!!

Well, here is one of those bribed pics... she probably enjoyed some M&Ms after... it was fun. I just love these two!
(Noah thinking: I'm not smiling until I get some M&Ms!!!)


Habiba Sanjak said...

oh dear love the pics

Pwood said...

Oh how cute!! Love love Sadie's personality!!