Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Chamonix and Mont Blanc

So, Stephen and I have made a wonderful sweet friend here who loves our kids and was willing to spend a few extra hours with them so we could go out for the day. After two weeks of sickness and frustrations with learning a new language... we needed some time, just the two of us! So, our sweet friend came to spend the day with our two little treasures and we ventured off to Chamonix, which is at the foot of Mount Blanc- the highest mountain in the Alps and in Western Europe. It separates France and Italy and is absolutely amazing.
It was nice to NOT take the kids because Sadie gets car sick sometimes and this is a REALLY curvy road going there from our town! I even felt a little woozy! The roads ARE beautiful and I was thankful I wasn't missing out on all the changes of fall that are going on in the mts. of NC!!!

We were amazed by the drive and thankful for the beautiful sights

I laughed at this... sausage for goats horns!!! Oh the French and their sausages!!!

Thanks Mr. Statue for pointing out the peek of the Mountain!

And at the end of the day... we were very thankful and all smiles for a little QUIET time together!

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Pwood said...

Not sure if my message went through... so here goes again....
So we have an idea. We come visit you guys, spend some time with your family, and then we leave our kids with you and we go on this day trip!!!! Please please please!!! Love all the pictures, you guys look great! Glad you were able to get away for awhile and enjoy couple time!!!