Thursday, October 6, 2011

My Child Prodigy

Well, we've been in school about a month or so now... it took the teachers long enough. Long enough for what... you ask? To discover my child's amazing talents. We call her Sadie Picasso ... sometimes Little Da Vinci. Yes, she is an extremely talented artist. I know she doesn't get it from me... it could be Stephen. Could be.
Anyway... last week we went in to pick her up and I saw her first French artwork hanging in the hall beside her classroom. I wanted to show you some pic, so you TOO could enjoy her art. Proud mom? YES... I am. Her picture is beside the description that reads in French: "Sadie Rhyne, artist extradinaire. Will soon join the ranks of those who have gone before her. Much like Monet and Renoir." (For those of you who can't read French... just trust me. For those of you who can... ignore me.)
In all seriousness... I'm a proud mom, whose daughters pics were on the hall of her school. The only way YOU can see them, is if I blog about it... enjoy! ;-) Her pic is the one with the orange background... She was the only one wearing a smock... I wasn't surprised! Also, this is a pic of her and her cubby!! ;-)

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Pwood said...

Yeah! Sadie you are awesome! Such a sweet picture of her at school!! Amanda, I've seen some of your ideas, I think she gets her creativity from you!!