Monday, October 17, 2011

Hard to Be Away...

As exciting as it seems to live overseas... there are many a times, we really want to be back in the States with family, friends, and familarity.

This past weekend, two big things happend with our families that was hard not to be a part of. First, my sister Avee was a gold metal winner in the State Fair for showing off her cow, "Motsy". She did great I hear... and this is a pic of her with our niece, nephew, Motsy, Motsy's owner, and the gold metal girl herself!!! I really wish we could have been there to cheer her on! Great Job Avee... we are sooo proud of you!!!
The other was on a much more sad note. Stephen's grandmother and Noah and Sadie Mac's great grandmother who was just shy of 93 years old passed away. She lived a full life and has 5 children and loads of grandchildren and great grand children to show for it. She was a very special lady and we are thankful she is in Heaven today with Jesus... dancing I'm sure! We both so wish we could have been there to support family... we love you all and celebrate her life with you.... Here is a photo of Grandma and Sadie Mac and Noah, just last December.

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Pwood said...

Way to go Avee! That's awesome! She looks so proud! Sorry to hear about Stephen's grandmother, but rejoicing with your family that she is with her Savior now! Such a precious picture and memory of her with the kids!