Friday, October 21, 2011

Stay Home From School Days

We all know what it means to be missing school: SICK DAYS!! Yes, we feel like the black plague has hit the Rhyne house in France and it's been a very rough two weeks around these parts. Noah brought in the illness we think... about 4 days later it hit Sadie Mac... then me... then Stephen... then it went back to Noah (photo above!)... poor little guy. So, if they can't go to school... mom and dad get to take turns going to class. It's nice that we're in the same class so we can easily share notes... but, it's still not the same as being IN class... but we're adjusting.
Since we can't watch movies ALL day long... we have a new favorite place in our house- the (inside) of the door for the laundry! It's just a little closet that we open up and now leave the newspaper up to do art projects. Sadie LOVES to paint and "make projects." So, this is our latest... she's got her very own artist's palette. So easy... so fun... so helpful to me for time to get other things done.
Thankfully, now... we're all on medicine and on the upswing!

Paper plate+ hole for the thumb+ paint= success!!!

Daddy was very pleased with his new artwork that hangs in the hallway!

And thankfully... my little drool bug (who is getting 2 new teeth) is back to his old tricks of playing pots and pan drums!

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Pwood said...

Sorry you guys have all been sick. Corey is laying on the couch right now with a fever and I am praying we all don't get it. But I love seeing Sadie painting! I need to get brave and do that with Eli.