Sunday, October 16, 2011

Thursday Market

On Thursdays, just behind our house and around the corner... is the big local market. From the wee hours of the morning until the French lunch time we see loads of people and traffic flocking to this little market. It's really fun to go people watch, listen to French, TRY to speak a little, and learn more about our new country. Meat, cheese, and fruit vendors, along with many others selling almost anything. One of our favorite vendors is the fresh ravioli guy. That is a fun once a week treat. They also have live animals, which Sadie and Noah really like.

My first trip was an adventure. I was excited about buying fresh bread... always a treat in France. I also wanted to get some bananas to balance out the bread! But... what I really wanted was flowers. So, I made my way over and after talking (very very briefly) to the man, I pointed to what I wanted and waited. He asked me a question and I felt like I had that "deer in headlights" look. I had no idea what he said, so I politely answered "oui" (yes). As he started wrapping the flowers as if I were giving them in a present... I realized what he had asked. So, quickly before he wrapped the second one for me to take home as a "gift" for Stephen, I said, "only one"... and the other one was not wrapped. Oh the adventures in learning a new language!!! But, I was still happy to have my flowers, bananas, and fresh bread!!

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Krissy said...

When in doubt say "no" instead of "oui"!